IoT solutions

Innovative electronic controllers allow remote monitoring, configuration and updating of machines and appliances easily and quickly via a link to the internet. For example, preventive maintenance can be done via the internet or machines can easily be upgraded with new (software) updates.

Every day, E.D.&A. develops and produces custom-made electronics equipped with the latest (wireless) technologies and protocols to make your products future-proof. Wifi, Zigbee, NFC, Dash7, LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy are some of the more prominent options.

Whatever technology or protocol is used, it is very important to build a built-in security layer that encrypts the data. In this way we can guarantee security at all times.

Expert: Our specialist knowledge of electronic controllers can be applied anywhere. E.D.&A. has experience in diverse sectors. A cross-fertilisation that benefits you.

Innovative: E.D.&A. pays constant attention to innovation and trends. We are often already familiar with new technologies for your future products.

Reliable: E.D.&A. is a reliable and stable partner for machine and equipment manufacturers. We are proud to carry the label ‘Factory of the Future’.

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Cases for IoT solutions

Custom-made electronic controller for automatic pool covers

For the European market leader in swimming pool accessories E.D.&A. developed and produced custom-made electronics for safe and energy-conscious swimming pool covers.
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Custom-made electronic control platform for water softeners

E.D.&A. developed a universal electronic controller platform for a manufacturer of residential and industrial water softeners.
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Custom-made controller for milk cooling tank

Our customer is specialised in the development and production of high-quality stainless steel products for the dairy industry. E.D.&A. developed a controller that regulates the cleaning and cooling of a milk cooling tank.
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Custom-made innovative electronic controller for industrial washing machines, dryers and ironers

E.D.&A. developed an innovative electronic controller for a manufacturer of industrial washing machines, dryers and ironers.
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IoT application in an ATEX environment

E.D.&A. developed an energy-efficient wireless sensor for use in potentially explosive environments. Electrical applications in explosive atmospheres must comply with European ATEX standards.
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