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Custom-made electronics for HVAC

Our electronic controller solutions form a solid basis for the stable operation of diverse HVAC applications, such as drivers of AC and BLDC motors or ventilation valve controllers.

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Custom-made electronics for Laundry

E.D.&A. develops multi-functional, innovative solutions for various manufacturers of washing, drying and ironing machines which meet the most stringent safety requirements.

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Custom-made electronics for Kitchen ventilation

E.D.&A. develops innovative solutions for various manufacturers of extractor hoods that feature future-proof technologies.

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Electronic controllers for Food

For the food industry, E.D.&A. develops and assembles custom-made controllers that are used in, among other things, chicken grills, cooker hoods, bakery machines, ovens or vacuum packaging machines.

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Electronic controllers for Water

E.D.&A. develops very user-friendly and customer-specific controllers that meet the strictest international standards for various manufacturers in the water treatment sector.

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Electronic controllers for Agriculture

For the agricultural sector, E.D.&A. produces, among other things, electronic controls for cow brushes, greenhouses, irrigation systems and milk cooling tanks.

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Electronic controller for other sectors

Every day E.D.&A. develops and assembles electronic controllers that find their way into the most diverse machines and equipment in various sectors. Our specialist knowledge of electronic controllers can be applied anywhere.

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Custom-made electronics for both the industrial & consumer market

Every year E.D.&A. develops and assembles hundreds of thousands of custom-made electronic controllers that form the heart of the most diverse machines and appliances. It runs a reliable operation and ensures an optimal user experience. If the customer so wishes, we also design the mechanics around the controller electronics.

We do this both for the industrial market, for which we develop and produce a few thousand pieces per project each year, and also for applications for the consumer market where we produce a few hundred thousand pieces per project on an annual basis.

Experience in diverse sectors

The E.D.&A. controllers find their way into applications in a variety of sectors. We are happy to make our knowledge of the latest technologies and processes available to make your innovation complete. We recognise the challenges that you face and understand the mechanical, electrical and physical operation of your application.