Custom-made electronics for Laundry

Industrial washing, ironing and drying machines must not only be easy to use and maintain. They must also be sustainable and energy-efficient. They must be safe for both the user and the environment, and of course they must produce stunning washing, drying or ironing results.

E.D.&A. develops workable solutions; if you wish, together with your engineers. We developed multi-functional, innovative solutions for various manufacturers of washing, drying and ironing machines which meet the most stringent safety requirements.

Expert: Our specialist knowledge of electronic controllers can be applied anywhere. E.D.&A. has experience in diverse sectors. A cross-fertilisation that benefits you.

Innovative: E.D.&A. pays constant attention to innovation and trends. We are often already familiar with new technologies for your future products.

Reliable: E.D.&A. is a reliable and stable partner for machine and equipment manufacturers. We are proud to carry the label ‘Factory of the Future’.

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Cases for Laundry

Custom-made electronic controller for professional washing machines

E.D.&A. developed several I/O boards including synthetic housing for a new line of professional washing machines.
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Custom-made electronic controller for professional ironers

For this equipment manufacturer, E.D.&A. developed a new electronic controller with safety functions for an ironer.
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Custom-made innovative electronic controller for industrial washing machines, dryers and ironers

E.D.&A. developed an innovative electronic controller for a manufacturer of industrial washing machines, dryers and ironers.
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