Electronic controllers

The choice of the user interface for the electronic controller of your machine or equipment is crucial. A range of techniques is available: from push buttons (membrane foils) to more complex user interfaces in combination with (wireless) more advanced communication possibilities such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa, etc.

E.D.&A. likes to contribute actively to solutions and advises its customers on specifications, ease of use, look, budget, future expansions and so on. We do this for both the industrial and the consumer markets.

Custom-made electronic controllers

Every customer has a specific request for which we always provide a specific solution.  Whereas our electronics are unique, they do always offer the same benefits:

  • You work more efficiently: Custom-made electronics are always about optimisation. With a custom-made controller you ensure the best operation of your machines and appliances, resulting in optimised operations for your company.
  • Your appliance or machine is more complete: as with many things in life, when it comes to custom-made electronics less is more. At E.D.&A. we make sure our custom electronics only contain the components and functions you need to guarantee the best possible operation.

How do we develop and produce your electronics?

To create the best custom-made electronics for our customers, we like to sit down with them early in the initial stages of their projects. Our experts can then coordinate the development and production processes right from the upstart. This way, our multidisciplinary team of specialists ensures that our custom-made electronics are produced better, faster and more cost-efficiently.

Hardware and embedded software development

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists ensures through various simulation capabilities and advanced testing that your custom-made electronics are developed better, more cost-efficiently and with reduced lead times.

  • Hardware development: With our own facilities and the know-how of our engineers, we develop stable and powerful hardware of your electronic controllers.
  • Embedded software development: In addition to the hardware, we also develop the necessary embedded software to control the hardware in your machines and appliances. We develop our software "cross-platform", both via graphical tools and in code. By doing so, we can already start implementing the embedded software before the hardware is even available. Thanks to this approach, we ensure that our custom-made electronics are developed better and faster.

Electronics production

We also take care take of the production of the custom-made electronics. Thanks to our advanced in-house production facilities, we ensure shorter lead times, work more efficiently and are able respond flexibly to changes and feedback so that we can guarantee the quality our customers demand. Therefore, we are also proud to bear the title of Factory of the Future .

  • Inline process control. We attach great value to product controls and process management. Our production is highly automated. This is how we guarantee the quality that you demand.
  • Tracking and tracing. Each electronic controller has a unique serial number and all the components used are fully traceable.
  • Delivery reliability. We install tens of millions of components every year. We have all the necessary expertise to guarantee you the greatest possible delivery reliability and impeccable quality.
  • One-stop-shopping. If you wish, we are your unique point of contact. We can take care of the complete assembly of your electronics and corresponding housing incl. cabling, etc.

Why choose E.D.&A. for your electronic controllers?

Expert: Our specialist knowledge of electronic controllers can be applied anywhere. E.D.&A. has experience in diverse sectors. A cross-fertilisation that benefits you.

Innovative: E.D.&A. pays constant attention to innovation and trends. We are often already familiar with new technologies for your future products.

Reliable: E.D.&A. is a reliable and stable partner for machine and equipment manufacturers. We are proud to carry the label ‘Factory of the Future’.

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Custom-made electronic controllers for your machines and appliances?

Would you like us to develop future-proof electronic controllers for your machines or appliances? Or would you like more information about the possibilities? Contact us and meet one of our experts.

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Cases for electronic controllers

Intuitive electronic controller for industrial pumps

E.D.&A. develops and produces for this European manufacturer in the HVAC sector a custom-made electronic controller with intuitive operation for their industrial pump systems.
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Custom-made electronic control platform for heat pumps

For this leading equipment manufacturer, E.D.&A. developed a new control platform that reads in and controls all functions of their heat pumps. Via the user interface (developed by the customer), the heat pump can be set locally or remotely (via an app).
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Functionally safe electronic controller for hoisting equipment

Very recently, the first electronic controllers went into production for this European market leader. E.D.&A. is responsible for the hardware and low-level software for this application and the production of the electronics.
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Custom-made electronic controller for individual water treatment system

E.D.&A. developed a custom-made electronic controller for a specialist in individual water treatment systems.
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Custom-made electronic controller for chicken grills and ovens

E.D.&A. developed an electronic controller with an innovative operating interface for chicken grills and ovens for a world-renowned grill manufacturer.
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Custom-made electronic controller with capacitive touch sensor for carwashes

For a manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment for high pressure cleaners and carwash installations, among other products, E.D.&A. developed a control panel with burglar-resistant and touch-sensitive glass (capacitive keys) for self-operated carwash systems.
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