About E.D.&A.

E.D.&A.: Electronics, Development & Assembly

E.D.&A. has been developing, producing and assembling customer-specific electronic controllers for intelligent machines and appliances since 1981. E.D.&A. also writes software and designs the mechanics around the controller electronics.

We like to contribute pro-actively to the thinking surrounding technological solutions for consumer and industrial applications. It goes without saying that we pay constant attention to trends and innovations. We are often already familiar with new technologies for your future products.

We have a complete, highly automated production department that enables us to offer our customers the highest quality. With a team of more than 100 professionals, we have been a reliable, stable supplier and partner of machine and equipment manufacturers in diverse sectors for years.

Our philosophy

We create added value. Time after time. By simply listening to you and the market. By going beyond only telephone, relational and technical follow-up. Power is nothing without control. And it is this belief that led to the creation of E.D.&A. For almost forty years now, this belief has been the most important principle behind all our reliable and innovative electronic controller solutions. Customised solutions that are truly relevant and which are therefore increasingly used in all types of machines and equipment.
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Quality & Values

Our customers demand quality from their suppliers. Especially when it comes to manufacturing essential parts for their machines and appliances. This is why we at E.D.&A aim for perfection and place a great deal of importance on product controls and process management. This means we can guarantee 100% correct operation.
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Social commitment

Beside our daily business operations, our social responsibility is very important to us. We think it is a must to involve social enterprises for customised work.
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Respect is one of our values. Respect for colleagues, customers, suppliers, but also for the environment and our surroundings. That is why we consciously chose a sustainable, energy-efficient and very well insulated building in combination with a high-performance ventilation system with heat recovery.
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E.D.&A. has been active for almost 40 years in the development and production of custom-made electronic controllers for intelligent machines and equipment. We are proud of the milestones in our history.
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