Custom-made electronic controller for automatic pool covers

Consumer market

For this manufacturer of automatic swimming pool covers E.D.&A. not only provides the controller board but also the assembly in a high-quality stainless-steel cabinet.

This manufacturer wanted one user-friendly unit, i.e. a plug and play with all the accessories so that their installers could immediately get to work with it.

(Child) safe and energy-conscious closure of swimming pools

The key switch interface makes the electronic controller box child-proof. The pool cover can also be controlled via the optional remote control or home automation interface. Changing settings is done via the multilingual display interface.

In addition to controlling the shutter, the operation of the lighting, fountains or other devices can also be programmed. Software updates after installation are possible via an SD card. In addition, the data logbook is kept for remote analysis. Optionally, the link to the cloud (IoT) is also available.

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  • Multilingual display interface
  • Key switch interface
  • RS-485 master-slave
  • Stainless steel built-in box (one-stop-shopping)
  • Overload protection
  • DC tubular motor
  • 8 additional analogue outputs
  • SD-Card
  • IoT interface

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Custom-made electronic controller for automatic pool covers

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