Hardware development

Stable & powerful electronic controllers

We develop and produce hardware tailored to the needs of our customers. We like to be involved from the start of your project, list your wishes and specifications and translate these into a customer-specific electronic controller design.

The engineers at E.D.&A. add their know-how to make each product into a stable and powerful electronic controller. During the design phase we prefer to use standard schemas and proven technology. This improves not just the quality and stability of our electronic controllers, but also the reliability of your end product. That is what it is all about.

Our staff work closely together during each phase of the development and production process. In this way you create the best solution at the lowest cost.

Complete assembly of your electronic controls

We do not only just develop electronics: if desired, E.D.&A. can take care of the entire assembly of your electronic controller with a (custom-made) housing or electrics cabinet along with the associated cables, manuals, etc.

In-house testing

All E.D.&A. developments, including prototypes, are tested extensively in-house. This is largely automated and we have all kinds of facilities at our disposal, from a climate chamber to an advanced EMC area.


Expert: Our specialist knowledge of electronic controllers can be applied anywhere. E.D.&A. has experience in diverse sectors. A cross-fertilisation that benefits you.

Innovative: E.D.&A. pays constant attention to innovation and trends. We are often already familiar with new technologies for your future products.

Reliable: E.D.&A. is a reliable and stable partner for machine and equipment manufacturers. We are proud to carry the label ‘Factory of the Future’.

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