Electronics development

State-of-the-art custom-made electronics

At E.D.&A., we believe the best electronics are custom-made electronics. To us, state-of-the-art means state-of-your-art. That is why every time we take on a project, we like to sit down with our customers early in the initial stages of the project. This way, we can partner up and ensure them quality electronics hardware & embedded software tailored to their wishes and their needs.

What we do and our approach

Hardware development

We develop and produce hardware tailored to the needs of our customers. They are all stable and powerful electronic controllers that advance the reliability of your end product.

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Embedded software development

We also develop the low-level and/or application software needed to operate machines and appliances. We guarantee that the software and hardware perfectly combine for the best possible functioning of the electronics in your machine or appliance. Thanks to our approach, we reduce the lead time of your project.

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Design for Excellence (DfX)

We develop our electronics in the most efficient way possible to give our customers the most user-friendly solution. To do so, we base our approach on the various principles of Design for Excellence (DfX). This includes DfM (Design for Manufacturing), DfA (Design for Assembly) en DfT (Design for Test).

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Inspections hardware & software

Our customers can always count on our expertise regarding hardware and software inspections. We ensure that your products are of great quality and meet the necessary national and international standards (e.g. CE, UL, CSA, ATEX, VDE, etc.).

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Project management

Our engineers follow your project from start to finish. In this way we guarantee the quality of each project and ensure that predefined milestones are achieved.

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Why custom-made electronics?

We probably do not need to tell you that custom-made electronics are the best solution for your appliances and machines. Every customer has a specific question or need, for which we at E.D.&A. offer a specific solution. We handle the entire development and production of your electronics and keep you up to date throughout the project so that we can always respond swiftly to your feedback and adjust where needed.

One-stop-shopping for your electronic controllers

At E.D.&A., ‘customised’ is inextricably linked to what you wish or need for your appliances and machines. We combine your wishes and our possibilities into an optimal electronic controller. To do this, we make:

  • The most efficient electronics design for your appliances and machines.
  • The most suitable hardware, via our state-of-the-art, automatic production and testing lines.
  • Matching embedded low-level and/or application software for the best possible functioning of your controller.
  • a custom-made casing or electrical cabinet, including cables, packaging, manuals and labels.

Electronics development for every market

With over 40 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of every market and electronic application. Some of our biggest markets are:

You can always count on our vast expertise. This way, we tailor our electronics to your needs and your market. Can’t find your market in the list above?  No problem, thanks to our experience and expertise we can produce custom-made electronics for every market, including yours.

Ready for your custom-made electronics?

At E.D.&A., we try to look beyond what you wish for and what you expect. We want to make sure we also know what you need in your custom-made electronics and we always want to be a great partner to your company.

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Hardware & software development

For machine and appliance manufacturers, E.D.&A. develops hardware and embedded software that meet the highest quality standards. In doing so, our multi-disciplinary team of specialists uses various simulation capabilities and advanced testing. In this way we help our customers to bring their products to the market in a better, more cost-efficient and timely manner.

We also handle the production of custom-made electronics.