Hardware & embedded software development

E.D.&A. state-of-the-art electronics

Design for Excellence (DfX)

The basis of this success lies in our synergy-based approach. We take all facets of Design for Excellence (DfX) into account, including DfM (Design for Manufacturing), DfA (Design for Assembly) and DfT (Design for Test).

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Hardware development

We develop and produce hardware tailored to the needs of our customers. They are all stable and powerful electronic controllers that advance the reliability of your end product.

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Embedded software development

We develop the necessary low-level and/or application software to control our hardware in your machine or appliance. Thanks to our approach, we reduce the lead time of your project.

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Inspections hardware & software

E.D.&A. has built up a great deal of expertise in the field of hardware and software inspection. We ensure that your products comply with national and international standards (e.g. CE, UL, CSA, ATEX, VDE, etc.).

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Project management

Our engineers follow your project from start to finish. In this way we guarantee the quality of each project and ensure that predefined milestones are achieved.

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Hardware and Embedded Software

For machine and appliance manufacturers, E.D.&A. develops hardware and embedded software that meet the highest quality standards. In doing so, our multi-disciplinary team of specialists uses various simulation capabilities and advanced testing. In this way we help our customers to bring their products to the market in a better, more cost-efficient and timely manner. E.D.&A. also handles the production of custom-made electronics.