Custom-made electronic controller for chicken grills and ovens

Industrial market

E.D.&A. developed an electronic controller with an innovative operating interface for chicken grills and ovens for a world-renowned grill manufacturer.

The operating interface is built around a graphical, capacitive 7” TFT screen for operation behind a glass plate. The design has a modern powerful ARM microprocessor running an industrial Real Time Operating System (RTOS). E.D.&A. was responsible for the complete hardware and software development.

The electronic controller has a USB host port that makes it possible to read or to change new recipes, software, HACCP logging and parameters in a simple way. Optionally, the controller can also be equipped with a WiFi module - developed by E.D.&A. - so that IoT (Internet or Things) options can be integrated. In this way, the devices are connected to the cloud and recipes and software updates are uploaded over the internet.

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  • Capacitive touch (behind glass; rotary encoder and keys)
  • ARM controller
  • Graphic display (Chinese characters)
  • USB interface
  • Optional Wifi module
  • UL approved