Software quality also tested at night

One of our core values is quality. During production, all electronics hardware is extensively tested, but we also extend this to software. We use various standards and tools to guarantee the quality of the written software code.

Using software standards

We apply the MISRA standard, which contains rules for writing clear, structured and readable code. In addition, we have our own E.D.&A. coding style that ensures that all our code is uniform. This allows every software engineer to quickly find their way around the code and focus on the essentials.

Automated software-code analysis tools

The 'continuous build server' automatically checks every night whether the code complies with the standard and our own house style. Besides the static code analyses, we also have a Python framework that allows us to continuously test the code against customer specifications. The application is partly simulated for automatic testing. The code is run on the hardware on which the application will effectively work. In the morning, our software engineers can then immediately start working with the test results from this 'testfarm'.

How do we develop our embedded software?

According to the customer's requirements, we write the low-level software and the application software for the controls. We always develop our software cross-platform. This allows us to start implementing the software even before the hardware is available. Thanks to this approach, we reduce the lead time of your project.

If desired, the application software can be written by the customer or outsourced to a third party with the necessary expertise and capacity. Provided good agreements are made, co-development can certainly be an interesting method of collaboration. That way, the intellectual property (often incorporated in the software) remains completely protected. In this approach, E.D.&A. can provide basic training in writing and testing quality software.


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