Voice control: the 'new normal' for home appliances?

For decades, we have been unconsciously talking to our home appliances. In science fiction movies, the machines already responded to this. It is not hard to see what makes voice so attractive to both consumers and businesses. First, speech is particularly user-friendly, and secondly, the technology behind voice interaction is getting better. It is becoming easier to control devices through voice control.

But what exactly is involved in making our equipment listen? It is not just a matter of connecting the device to the Internet. In addition, various services need to be set up, skills have to be learned, product registrations have to be done etc.

This is precisely the role of E.D.&A: we are able to relieve the machine and appliance manufacturers in this. We develop and produce the electronics and, together with close partners, also set up the entire backend, so that your end user can communicate with your home appliance via voice (using google home, Alexa (Amazon) or Siri (Apple).

On 09.06.2020 René Janssen gave more clarity during a webinar about the steps that need to be taken to control home appliances via voice commands. He outlined the whole design of such a system.

>> Demo Video: Lüfter- und Beleuchtungsteuerung über Sprachbefehle. Überprüfen Sie es jetzt. >>

"Alexa, set light to red"
   "Alexa, set motor speed to 1"
   "Alexa, set light green"
   "Alexa, set motor off"

Here below you can download the presentation 'Voice control: the new normal for home appliances?'. 


Presentation:'Voice control: the new normal for home appliances?'. Download now.

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