Easy-to-use electronic controller for compact espresso machines

Consumer market

This renowned manufacturer of professional coffee machines also wanted to offer consumers and the semi-professional user a high-quality "fresh brew" coffee machine. E.D.&A. was involved in the development of a compact espresso machine controller. The design and user-friendly operation were central to this.

The round user interface is built around a bright 3.5" TFT screen with illuminated capacitive keys. The device's intelligence is in the UI print, which controls an I/O board via a communication port. For this application, E.D.&A. also provides a sub assembly consisting of the PCB, the display, the capacitive keys and the plastic holder in addition to the I/O board.

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  • TFT 3.5" full colour
  • Capacitive, illuminated keys
  • Control power elements
  • USB interface
  • US and EU version