Custom-made electronics for high-end electric fireplaces

Consumer market

In addition to fine-tuning their proof of concept, E.D.&A. was also asked to take on the further optimisation, expansion, production and testing of the electronics.

For this innovative application, two monitors are controlled on which the flame images are shown. The led boads create a glow under the ceramic trunks and the subwoofer is responsible for the crackling sounds. All these technological solutions create a unique fire experience that is indistinguishable from real fire. In this way, this high-tech electric, holographique fireplace without flue (video) can be used anywhere (zero emission).

The flame colours, sound and intensity of the flames can be adjusted as desired. Through the internet connection remote software updates etc. can be sent.

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  • 4x UHD (4K) HDMI screens
  • LED Boards: fully controllable
  • WIFI/BT connection
  • OTA software update via security
  • Audio Output
  • Linux OS