Custom-made electronics for centrifugal pumps and pressure booster systems

Industrial market

This renowned manufacturer of centrifugal pumps and pressure booster systems for drinking and process water applications was looking for a modern and innovative new electronic controller.

Availability for at least 10 years was a specific requirement given the industrial application. The user interface is therefore composed, among other things, of a customized segment display with fixed icons that can light up with colour. Operation and changing settings are done by an intuitive rotary-push button as often used in infotainment systems in modern cars.

The controller is equipped with a variety of digital and analogue inputs and outputs and can control up to 6 on/off or frequency-controlled pumps simultaneously. The controller ensures that the water pressure in an apartment building is the same everywhere. Via a smartphone App (via Bluetooth) settings and data can be read in and out on site.

The operation panel and the electronic controller (inputs and outputs) are combined in one compact unit. E.D.&A. is a "one-stop-shop" partner and delivers a finished product, built into a custom-made plastic housing.

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  • Control via rotary push button
  • Configuration and data collection via an App (smartphone)
  • Custom made plastic housing
  • One-stop shopping
  • Custom industrial display
  • Serial communication:
    • Bluetooth
    • RS485
    • USB