OpenTherm in new heat pump controller

For the development of a new heat pump controller, this renowned heat pump manufacturer wanted the integration of OpenTherm communication. E.D.&A. has been following OpenTherm for many years and is currently implementing the OpenTherm protocol for this new heat pump controller system.

OpenTherm: nothing but advantages

OpenTherm is a standardized point-to-point protocol from the heating world to connect a thermostat to a heating system. OpenTherm ensures that the heating installation can be controlled in a modulating way instead of on/off. In this way, the heating installation can be controlled much better and thus saves energy. OpenTherm is a 2-wire protocol in which the power supply and the communication line are combined.

An additional advantage of OpenTherm is that you can work independently of any brand. A brand A thermostat can easily be linked to a brand B heating installation. The OpenTherm protocol is managed by the OpenTherm organisation of which the manufacturers (machine and appliance manufacturers) must be a member to enable implementation.

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